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Daniel Gigi


Daniel Gigi MA is a London-based Sephardic Rabbi, renowned for his expertise in ecstatic Kabbalah and Hasidic traditions.


He's also a mindfulness coach, trained in yoga and meditation, aiming to integrate contemplative practices into mainstream Judaism through his organization Maayan Hatum.

My Story

Daniel Gigi MA is a London-based Sephardic Rabbi, specialist and author on the ecstatic Kabbalah, and an exponent of the Hasidic lineages of Peshischa, with particular interest in the school of Izhbitsa-Radzyn. 

He has trained in yoga, mindfulness and zazen under a variety of teachers, and is a mindfulness and meditation coach who runs workshops and retreats. 

His mission is to advance a renewed contemplative culture within mainstream Judaism as a foundation of Jewish practice and belief, which he facilitates through his organisation Maayan Hatum


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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